Anders Dahl
Consultant, Researcher
Anthropologist (PhD)

Working with HIV/AIDS and reproductive health
in Denmark and developing countries.

Extensive experience with the planning and implementation of projects
Experienced trainer and speaker.

Has published a number of articles and books on sexuality, HIV/AIDS,
commercial sex and safe sex.

The research report ‘HIV and Living Conditions’ received in May 2008
a prize for outstanding research from the Danish AIDS Foundation.


•    Sexuality
•    Sexual transmitted infections
•    Reproductive health and rights
•    Gender
•    Human trafficking
•    Counseling
•    Developer of training courses for counsellors
•    Education / Training (HIV/AIDS, RH, counseling)
•    Project co-ordination, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation
•    Institutional capacity building
•    Faith-based organizations
•    Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS
•    Involvement of People Living with HIV (GIPA)
•    Vulnerable groups (SWs, migrants, youth)
•    Commercial sex work (male and female)
•    Research
•    Denmark
•    Vietnam / Laos / India / Ethiopia / Tanzania / Kenya / Zambia / Malawi / Uganda

Publications in English

Description and improvement of different approaches of linkage to care for HIV among MSM in Europe
The Euro HIV EDAT Project (https://eurohivedat.eu)

Late presenters – for HIV in Denmark
With: Morten R. Eiersted

Review of Denmark’s support to the response to HIV/AIDS 2011
With: Dorthe Raben, Tim Clary, Birte Holm Sørensen

HIV and Living Conditions
– a survey of living conditions and quality of life of persons infected with HIV in Denmark.
With: Mie Carstensen

Counselling as a tool to modify behaviour
Journal of the European Network of Aids Helplines (Enable), no. 11.

Numerous reasons for unsafe sex! – a study of good explanations
Tidsskriftet Antropologi nr. 34, 1996
This 20 page article is originally in Danish – but is translated into English

To get a copy of the articles – contact: post@andersdahl.dk

Since 2004 working as freelance consultant and researcher and among others working with:

– AC International Child Support
– AIDS-Foundation (Danish)
– Aidsnet (The profesional NGO network working with AIDS/HIV in developing countries)
– ALS Research
– Bysted Kommunikation
– CHIP (Copenhagen HIV Programme)
– Copenhagen College of Social Work (Den Social Højskole, København)
– Cross-Over
– DIS-Study abroad in Scandinavia
– Danida (Danish International Development Agency)
– Danish Association for International Co-operation (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke)
– Danish Cancer Society
– Danish Family Planning Association (Sex & Samfund)
– Danish Mission Council Development Department
– Danish Red Cross
– Grontmij / Carl Bro
– Hiv-Danmark (The Danish nationwide organisation for all PLHIV)
– IBIS (Danish development NGO)
– The National Board of Health in Denmark (Sundhedsstyrelsen)
– Tryg Foundation
– U-landsforeningen Svalerne

– University of Copenhagen
– CGFED (Centre for Gender, Family and Environment in Development), Hanoi, Vietnam
– CIHP (Center for Investment in Health Promotion), Hanoi, Vietnam
– CCIHP (Centre for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population), Hanoi, Vietnam
– CSAGA, Hanoi, Vietnam
– IOM, Vietnam (International Organization for Migration), Hanoi, Vietnam
– IPAS, Hanoi, Vietnam
– NAV (Nordic Assistance to Vietnam), Hue, Vietnam
– Save the Children UK, Hanoi, Vietnam
– The Tanzania Network of Women Living with HIV/AIDS
– Trung Tam Sao Mai (Morning Star Center), Hanoi, Vietnam
– UNFPA, Hanoi, Vietnam
– Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hanoi, Vietnam
– Vietnam Youth Union, Hanoi, Vietnam
– VINAFPA (The Vietnamese Family Planning Association), Hanoi, Vietnam

Since 2007 working with Lise Rosendal Østergaard, Annemette Danielsen, Birgitte Bruun and Lars Røgilds in BISTANDSBUREAUET (www.bistandsbureauet.dk)

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